Listing Process
We do have a listing process of new farms in place. We have the following requirements to newly listed farms:
  • Farms need to have a TVL higher than 100k USD
  • Market Cap of Native token needs to be higher than 1 mln USD
  • There needs to be significant trading volume and liquidity on the token/pools (i.e. pool 2)
  • Farm with red flags such as high deposit fees, high lockup periods, unreasonable token vesting, red flags in the team, etc. won't be listed
  • Farms needs to display accurate number on their website
  • Teams with bad history (i.e. rug pulls) won't be listed
  • <listing is under reservation of the community and team>
Please sign up to our form and submit a project listing. In addition we ask you to provide us a Google Sheet with the required fields. Please find a demo here (will be updated soon, for now just submit form).
Also if your project has an own API please let us know in the listing process, so we can integrate it directly to our backend.
We are currently working on an open source adapter repo. We will link to the GitHub soon, so projects can develop their own adapter and project integration will get easier.
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