Platform Introduction
After having all of the problems above and being frustrated with the status quo, we decided to build aims to be the leading Yield Discovery Platform
Since more and more Yield Farming opportunities are created across various blockchains, we are aiming to shed light on them. We don’t want to replace existing solutions in the Yield Farming Value Chain but rather be complementary.
The Yield Farming Value Chain
In the past months we have developed proprietary technology to scan directly the blockchain for new yield farming smart contracts, as well as analyze various social media platforms to find the latest yield farms in real time. We are offering the following product features.

Asset Search and Ranking

Users can type in their preferred asset and immediately see yield opportunities for that specific asset across various blockchain platforms.

Farm Search and Ranking

Users can discover new farms, rank them by TVL and Date_Added and thereby be the first to discover new farms.

Advanced Filter

Apply advanced filters such as Farm, Category, rank by APR to find the preferred farm according to users needs.

More Features

In the upcoming weeks we are planning to integrate additional features to our platform.
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